1-100 Watt Chip LED Flood Light

1-100 Watt Chip LED Flood Light
Weight: 13.5 lb
Width: 8.5 in
Length: 14.5 in
Height: 14.5 in

LED Flood Lights are one of the most widely used functional and decorative lights applicable for urban environment and architecture lighting. This LED flood light is bright and pure in color, high brightness, long light projection distance and strong fog penetration ability. Lamp body is made of aluminum alloy, fully sealed, dust and water proof. The beam angle is adjustable to best achieve the lighting effect and is ideal choice for lighting and decorative purpose.

  • Die-casting aluminum alloy structure, super white tempered glass, top grade and elegant appearance
  • Uniform illumination, wide flood lighting angle and no shade
  • Illumination distance between 5-30 meters
  • Good heat dissipation by innovative technological design and aluminum housing
  • Wide range of input voltage, constant current & voltage
  • Long light projection distance with high brightness LED and high efficiencypower supply