70 Watt High Power Flood Light

High Power Flood Light
Weight: 7.3 lb
Width: 6 in
Length: 8.7 in
Height: 11.2 in

  • Use Philips LUMILEDS SMD3535 LED as the light source.
  • Utilizes the special design of multichip single module.
  • High heat conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color and no ghosting.
  • Integrative design for heat sinks and housing; the LED is closely connected to the surface. The heat From the LED is removed through the heat dissipation wing and also by air ventilation. This ensures 50,000 hours life-span for the LED.
  • The surface is passed through anodic oxidation treatment. Its structure is compact and beautiful.
  • It can meet the requirement of IP65. It has good capacity like antisepticising, waterproofing, and dust Prevention.
  • Obvious power-saving efficiency. Use high efficiency, high PFC and high precision of constant current LED driver.
  • Compare with sodium lights, it can save electricity around 60%.